The market of PC tablets has become more and more competitive. The reason for this is because more and more new products get into the market. The list of company producing tablet gets longer day by day. For instance, the first company released the tablet is Apple (iPad), then the following companies are HP, SamSung, Acer, Dell, Asus, Lenovo…also released their products.

After 1 months selling iPad, Apple reaches 1 million sold mark. The company has been satisfied with the result, but later that, the first iPad’s rival showing up (HP Slate) makes Apple paying more attenttion to the market. HP slate after several moths saled reaches 900,000 units. This result is far than expected result of the company which is 500,000 units. Haslam (2010) call reaching expected goal shoul be that hard. To disagree with this idea, the explanation for the modest sales reslut of HP is because its scope. The company has not sold the product widely. HP Slate is only availabe for business contract, not for individual use. The following commercial is the promotion of HP slate

The second device which is more successful than the first iPad’s rival is SamSung Galaxy Tab. It hits 1 million units after 2 months sales. Hamblen (2010) reveals “Samsung and Google’s Android mobile OS could be considered the biggest winners with the early success of the Galaxy Tab”. According to Trefis cited in Raman (2010), “There could be a downside of 3% to our $337 stock price estimate for Apple if iPad sales grow more slowly than expected due to increased competition during our six-year forecast period”. So there are some predictions about the going down of market share of iPad but still it is the leader of the new war.


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